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PLMFT Renewal Information

Renewal Period: August 1-October 31
  • Renewal is mandatory every other year. For example, a PLMFT approved for licensure in odd year will renew in the following odd year (approved January 30, 2017; renewal would be October 31, 2019); a PLMFT approved for licensure in even year will renew in the following even year (approved November 31, 2016; renewal would be October 31, 2018).
  • Renewal Deadline: October 31 
  • $85 renewal fee 
  • 10% of provisional licensees are audited and reviewed by board staff (all licensees must provide documentation of a minimum of 20 CEHs) 
  • Exam Scores shall be sent directly from AMFTRB: Take National Marriage and Family Therapy Examination (NMFTE) and request Assocation of Marriage and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB) submission of score report to the Board until a passing score is achieved.  If a passing score is not achieved, the NMFTE must be taken at least once per renewal period. 
Continuing Education Hours
  • CE approved by AAMFT and its regional or state divisions including the LAMFT will automatically be accepted by the Board.  If not, the continuing education must be in one of the 7 approved content areas and given by a qualified presenter.  (Qualified presenter: a professional in marriage and family therapy, another mental health profession, or another profession with information, knowledge, and skills relevant to the practice of marriage and family therapy.)  
  • Submit supervised experience hours accrued since approval/renewal as PLMFT (included on renewal application).
  • 1 CEH is equivalent to 1 clock hour.   
  • Accrual of CE begins only after the date the license was issued 
  • 20 CEHs: Any of the formats below can be used for renewal 
    • Online = 10 hours max per renewal period 
    • Direct Participation in a structured educational format as a learner in CE workshops and presentations (No maximum in this area) 
    • Coursework: 1 semester hour of coursework = 15 CEHs; 1 quarter hour of coursework = 10 clock hours 
    • Teaching a Marriage and Family Therapy Course (for the first time the individual teaches the course) = 5 hours max per renewal period  
    • Authoring, Editing, or Reviewing Professional Manuscripts and Presentations in an area of marriage and family therapy= 5 hours max per renewal.   
    • Presentations at workshops, seminars, symposia, and meetings in the area of marriage and family therapy = 5 hours max per renewal period (Presenters may get credit at a rate of 2 clock hours per one-hour presentation) 
  • Content must be in 7 approved content areas (Licensee may get as many or as little as they want in an area) - can be online or in person 
    • Theoretical Knowledge of Marriage and Family Therapy 
    • Clinical Knowledge of Marriage and Family Therapy 
    • Assessment and Treatment in Marriage and Family Therapy 
    • Individual, Couple, and Family Development 
    • Professional Identify and Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy 
    • Research in Marriage and Family Therapy 
    • Supervision in Marriage and Family Therapy    
Late Renewal 
  • If provisional licensee does not renew by October 31, provisional license becomes lapsed effective November 1.  A lapsed provisional license may be renewed within a period of 90 days or postmarked by January 31.  After 90 days, the provisional license will expire (license number expires and is no longer used.  License number cannot be reused).   
  • To renew lapsed provisional license, licensee must submit the following items in addition to all previous items mentioned:
    • $60 renewal late fee
    • Documentation of 20 CEHs 
    • Criminal Records Check
Expired License
  • After the provisional license expires, an individual must re-apply for provisional licensure under the current licensure requirements and submit recent continuing education (CEHs) as part of re-application.