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*Board Meeting Agenda, September 16th at noon

*Counseling Compact FAQs

*New Application materials due September 9th for board review on September16th

*If licensed before Jan. 1, 2019 please review the instructions and submit fingerprints; 

*CEHs cannot be pre-approved by the board staff

*CEHs that are online in real-time are considered "in person"

*You must hold a LA license to provide services to patients physically located in LA

*Email info@lpcboard.org for general inquiries; office hours 8:30-4:30

LPC Board

Welcome to the Louisiana State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors



Sign up for up to date provider information via LA Dept of Health:

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Crisis Text Line for Louisiana:

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Nationwide Mental Health Number effective July 2022:

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No Surprises Act information from NBCC:



Sample Good Faith estimate

Counseling Compact Information:

The Counseling Compact offers eligible licensed professional counselors a new method for providing services in other member states. If you are interested in learning more about the Counseling Compact, please use the following link:


National Provider Identifier (NPI):


Louisiana Licensees

LPC 6,051
PLPC 1,528
LPC-S 1,418
LMFT 1,223
tech support

Technical Support

Please watch our video tutorials to learn how to renew or apply for your license online. Please contact Technical Support at support@lpcboard.zendesk.com or (225) 414 4431 if you are having trouble logging in, renewing your license, or navigating the website. Please send all other inquires to lpcboard@lpcboard.org