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Scope of Practice
  • Definition: Supervision is defined as assisting the Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor in developing expertise in methods of the professional mental health counseling practice and in developing self-appraisal and professional development strategies. Supervision must comply with standards as set by the board. 
    • Supervision of Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors is a specialty area and requires privileging review. Those individuals who may provide supervision to Provisional Licensed ProfessionalCcounselors must meet the following requirements.  
      • The supervisor must hold a Louisiana license as a Licensed Professional Counselor.  
      • The supervisor must have been practicing mental health counseling for a minimum of three years post LPC licensure.   
      • Supervisors must have successfully completed either of the training options below:
        • Graduate-Level Academic Training. At least one graduate-level academic course in counseling supervision. The course must have included at least 45 clock hours (equivalent to a three-credit hour semester course) of supervision training and have been completed within the last 5 years.
        • Professional Training. A board-approved professional training program in supervision. The training program must be a minimum of 25 direct clock hours of face-to-face interaction with the instructor. 
Renewal Information
  • A Board-Approved LPC Supervisor must accrue three (3) clock hours (of the required 40 clock hours of continuing education) in supervision every two years before their renewal date. There is a $50 renewal fee that needs to be submitted as well. 
  • Should a licensee renew his/her Supervisor Privileging Designation after the June 30th deadline, he/she will be assessed a $28 Privileging Designation Late Renewal Fee in addition to providing the necessary Supervisor Privileging Designation Renewal materials noted above. Privileging designations may lapse for a period of two years. Licensees have until June 30th to remit all late Privileging Designation renewal materials to the Board. If all late Privileging Designation renewal materials are not received by the Board on June 30th two years past lapsed privileging designation date, then the Privileging Designation will expire and the individual must re-apply for the Privileging Designation entirely.