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LPC Renewal Information

Renewal Period: April 1-June 30
  • Renewal is mandatory every other year. For example, an LPC approved for licensure in odd year will renew in the following odd year, an LPC approved for licensure in even year (Approved October 31, 2016; Renewal would be June 30, 2018), will renew in the following even year (Approved January 30, 2017; Renewal would be June 30, 2019).
  • Renewal Deadline: Postmarked by June 30
  • $170 Renewal Fee
  • 10% of licensees are audited (must provide documentation of a minimum of 40 CEHs)
Continuing Education Hours
  • CE approved by Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA), American Counseling Association (ACA), National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) will automatically be accepted by Board.  If not, the continuing education must be in one of the 14 approved content areas and be given by a qualified presenter. (Qualified presenter: master’s level or above and trained in the mental health field or related services.) 
  • 1 CEH is equivalent to 1 clock hour.   
  • 40 CEHs: Any of the formats below can be used for renewal 
    • Direct Participation in structured educational format as a learner (No maximum in this area) 
    • Online = 20 hours max per renewal period 
    • Coursework: 1 semester hour of coursework = 15 CEHs; 1 quarter hour of coursework = 10 clock hours 
    • Home Study = 10 hours max per renewal period 
    • Presentation = 10 hours max per renewal period (Presenters may get credit at a rate of 5 clock hours per one-hour presentation) 
    • Counseling (as a client) = 10 hour max per renewal period 
    • Research = 10 hours max per renewal period 
    • Peer Supervision (case work consultation) = 10 hours max per renewal period 
  • Content must be in 14 approved content areas (Licensee may get as many or as little as they want in an area)- can be online or in person 
    • Counseling Theory 
    • Human Growth and Development 
    • Social and Cultural Foundations 
    • The Helping Relationship 
    • Group Dynamics, Processing, and Counseling 
    • Lifestyle and Career Development 
    • Appraisal of Individuals 
    • Research and Evaluation 
    • Professional Orientation 
    • Marriage and Family 
    • Chemical Dependency 
    • Supervision (LPC Board-Approved Supervisors must get 3 CEHs in this area to renew supervisor designation every renewal period) 
    • Abnormal 
    • Psychopharmacology 
Late Renewal
  • If licensee does not renew by June 30, license becomes inactive effective July 1. May have Lapsed Status for 90 days and may reinstate license within that 90 day period of license becoming lapsed. 
  • To renew lapsed license, licensee must submit the following items in addition to all previous items mentioned: 
    • $60 renewal late fee 
    • Documentation of 40 CEHs 
Expired License
  • After June 30 and a 90 day lapse the license expires (license number expires and is no longer used.  License number cannot be reused) 
  • After license expires, individual must re-apply for licensure under the current licensure requirements and submit recent continuing education (CEHs) as part of application for licensure.