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Scope of Practice
  • Supervision of provisional licensed marriage and family therapists is a specialty area and requires privileging review. Supervision not provided by an LMFT-approved supervisor or an LMFT-registered supervisor candidate as determined by the advisory committee will not be counted toward licensure. Those individuals who may provide supervision to provisional licensed marriage and family therapists must meet the following requirements. 
  • A person who wishes to become an LMFT-approved supervisor must be a licensed marriage and family therapist and must submit a completed application and documentation that shows he or she meets the requirements in one of two ways.  
    • The applicant may meet the requirements by meeting the following coursework, experience, and supervision of supervision requirements. 
      • Coursework requirements:  
      • a one-semester graduate course in marriage and family therapy supervision from a regionally accredited institution; or 
      • an equivalent course of study consisting of a 15-hour didactic component and a 15-hour interactive component in the study of marriage and family therapy supervision approved by the advisory committee. The interactive component must include a minimum of four persons.  
    • Experience requirements:
      • has a minimum of two years experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist.  
    • Supervision of Supervision requirements:  
      • Thirty-six hours of supervision of supervision for marriage and family therapy must be taken from an LMFT-approved supervisor. 
  • Designation as an AAMFT approved supervisor qualifies a person to become an LMFT approved supervisor. Documentation must be submitted and recommended by the advisory committee for board approval.
  • Designation as an AAMFT board-approved supervisor may qualify a person to become an LMFT board-approved supervisor. AAMFT supervisors must make application to the board in accordance with advisory committee policy in order to certify as board-approved supervisors. AAMFT supervisors who have not certified to be LAMFT board-approved supervisors shall not supervise PLMFTs. Supervision provided by an AAMFT supervisor who has not received certification from the board qualifying them as a LMFT board-approved supervisor shall not count toward licensure.  
  • The board-approved supervisor shall attend a LMFT board-approved supervisor’s orientation approved by the advisory committee within one year of the board-approved supervisor’s date of certification. This orientation may also be counted as continuing education toward the board-approved supervisor’s licensure renewal as a marriage and family therapist. 
  • Board-approved supervisors who fail to meet this requirement within one year of their initial certification as board-approved supervisors will not be approved for new supervisees until the requirement is met. Failure to meet this requirement within two years of the date of approval may result in the suspension of approved supervisor status. This requirement may be met during the supervisor candidate’s supervision-of-supervision. If the candidate elects to do so, the orientation hours may count toward the continuing education requirements for renewal of his or her LMFT license. 
 Renewal Information
  • To qualify for renewal, board-approved supervisors must: 
    • maintain an active LMFT license in good standing as defined by this Rule. Applicants for renewal of their board-approved supervisory status that are under a consent order as a licensee may be renewed only at the discretion of the advisory committee; 
    • complete six clock hours of continuing education in clinical MFT supervision prior to each renewal date for current renewal period. These continuing education hours may also count toward the board-approved supervisor’s renewal requirements and toward the LMFT licensure renewal requirements; 
      • continuing education for board-approved supervisors must be specifically relevant to the renewal candidate’s role as clinical supervisor of PLMFTs as determined by the advisory committee. The content of workshops and seminars that qualify for continuing education credit for renewal candidates may be in theories and techniques of MFT supervision as well as ethical and legal issues related to MFT supervision, case management, or topics relative to a specific supervised setting; 
      • requirements otherwise applicable to continuing education hours for board-approved supervisors are the same as continuing education hours required for maintenance of the supervisor’s LMFT license as defined in these rules; 
    • successfully complete the board-approved orientation/renewal workshop for supervisors. The orientation may count as either the orientation workshop or a renewal workshop toward the required six hours of required continuing education for board-approved supervisors; 
    • submit a completed board-approved supervisor renewal application along with any updates to the supervisor’s statement of practice in accordance with advisory committee policy; 
    • remit a renewal fee of $100. 
  • After the renewal candidate has successfully completed the above requirements, the board upon recommendation of the advisory committee shall issue a document renewing the supervisor’s board certification for a term of four years.